• At least 8Gb of memory, more if you are planning to load 100+ individuals cohort files.

App installation

  • Launch Cytoscape
  • Download the App: Gravity 2.0.0
  • In Cytoscape, go to Apps -> App Manager…; then click on the Install from file… button, then chose the Gravity-impl-2.0.0.jar file you downloaded at the previous step.
  • That’s it!

In the App manager window, click on “Install from file…”


If a previous version of Gravity was installed and you want to perform a clean installation with default parameters, do as follow:

  • start Cytoscape
  • go to Apps -> App Manager…; in the currently installed tab, select Gravity and click Uninstall
  • exit all running instances of Cytoscape
  • go to the CytoscapeConfiguration directory in your home directory and delete all the props files with names starting with Gravity.